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Elite Spanking In The Stocks

Hello guys and welcome! This week, we bring you some new elite spanking material, that you shouldn’t miss it for the world. So sit back and watch this naughty babe getting her ass whipped.

Right from the beginning of the show, you’ll see that this guy is really upset with this slutty babe, so he thought about teaching her a lesson. After ignoring him for so many days, she decided to drop by and have a little talk with him, but he’s too angry to listen to her reason, so the moment she walked in, he takes off her clothes and leaves her wearing nothing but her delicate skin. Now you’ll see her tied to this piece of furniture, leaned forward, not being able to move or watch what’s happening in her back. So he starts spanking her round sexy ass, until it’s all red and bruised, while she’s all apologetic and tells him she won’t do it anymore. But it seems like he simply doesn’t care, so here you’ll see how she’s spanking her ass without mercy. Thank you all for watching this great production from elitespanking. As always we hope you enjoyed the show and that you had a great time and we’ll see you all next week with more new material. Don’t forget to stay tuned! Also you can visit clubdom website and watch some similar videos. See you soon!


Check out this babe getting her sexy round ass spanked!