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Elite Spanking Video – Major Pain

Hello everyone and welcome to another elite spanking video that we know you’re all anxious to watch it. Once again we promise you a great night, so sit back and watch this hot babe getting roughly spanked!
When the camera starts to roll, you’ll see this naughty babe being us to take off her shirt. She quickly obeys, and after that she gets her hands tied, and hanged up in the air. Now this mean blonde starts whipping this poor girl’s back, without showing any mercy to her crying. She goes on like this over and over, spanking her back roughly, causing her major pain. Here you’ll see her asking, with tears in her eyes to stop, but nothing, it seems like she doesn’t even care about how much pain is causing to this poor girl. Only after a long while you’ll see her untying her hands and stopping, allowing her to get dress and cover that red, bruised back. Thank you all for joining us and we’ll see you all again next week with more new hot and similar contents from elitespanking just for you!

Check out this poor babe getting roughly whipped!