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EliteSpanking – Medically Necessary

Hello all you elitespanking fans and welcome to another great show! Here we have for you a great production that you definitely don’t want to miss. So sit back and just watch the show!

Today, this poor girl came to the clinic for a check out. Little did she know that this whole experience will turn out to be a really different that she had in mind at first. The moment she entered the checking room, the nurse told her to take off her clothes and wait for the doctor. Nothing out of the ordinary until now, so she took off her clothes and waited in silence until the doctor came in. She was so nervous that she didn’t even saw the massive torture wooden piece of furniture in the corner. So when the doctor came in, along with the nurse, they told us to lean forward, with her legs wide open and leg hands tied up, not being able to move or make anything. So there she is, getting her ass whipped and spanked with this hard, thick bat. she starts screaming, but he doesn’t care, so he goes on like this until all her ass is red and bruised. Thank you for watching yet another production and don’t forget that we’ll be back next week with some new, hot material. Until then, you can visit the chateaucuir.org site and watch some similar elite spanking videos! Enjoy!


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