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EliteSpanking – Red Bun

Hello guys and welcome back to elitespanking. This week we have a fresh bunch of new material that you’re all going to enjoy watching! Once again these girls will make you all hot and will please your dirty mind! So sit back and watch this hot babe getting spanked!

When the elite spanking camera starts to roll, here you’ll see a very interesting and exciting image, which will turn in all on, and will get to immensely aroused. So here you’ll see this naughty babe getting her ass spanked. Watch her closely as she’s getting her ass all red. She is being punished for the fact that one she skipped too many classes. So she was being asked to come to the principal’s office, so the moment she walked in, she realized that she’s in big trouble. After a long lecture about how she should behave and about the fact that she’s in a very prestigious college which will not tolerate such behavior, she was asked to take off her uniform and to get on top of this wooden table. She was asked to spread her arms wide open and sit on her belly, with her back turned to him. So now you’ll see how he starts spanking her ass real hard, until it all red and bruised. Thank you all for watching this show we brought to you, and don’t forget that we’ll be back next week with more similar new stuff just for you! Until now, you can visit the hardtied.org.uk site and watch some kinky babes getting tied up and fucked! Until then time, you can join the http://www.brutalfacesitting.org/ site and watch some great pussy licking and face sitting scenes! Enjoy!


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